This knowledge base category reflects the services that the Division of Information Technology provides related to E-mail. These include topics around communication through electronic messaging to all Barry University employees and registered students. It is accessible via Microsoft Outlook for desktop, online webmail, and for mobile computing devices.

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Encrypting e-mail when sending internally to other Barry e-mail addresses

How do I send an email that cannot be forwarded, printed or copied?

Encrypting e-mails for external users by subject line using Outlook on the web

When sending e-mail that contains information that is sensitive in nature, encryption should be used. Examples of use cases for encryption include the following:
* Transmitting usernames and/or passwords
* Sending transcripts or contracts
* Transmitting anything that contains personally identifiable information that can be used for fraud or identity theft such as Social security number, credit cards, date of birth, personal addresses and phone numbers

How do I update my e-mail signature from the Email Signature form

How do I update my e-mail signature in Outlook?

Microsoft Information Protection

How do I view emails with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)?