Deleting mailbox items in Outlook

Deleting mailbox items is the easiest way to make sure your mailbox size remains small and organized. Folders which tend to frequently accumulate mailbox items and should be cleaned on a regular basis are your Inbox, Sent Items, and Deleted Items folder.  The following points will illustrate the guidelines you should follow when deleting mailbox items.

Tip: Hold the Shift key down while deleting a mailbox item. This will bypass sending it to the Deleted Items folder and permanently delete the message(s).

Sending Mailbox Items to the Deleted Items Folder
1. Select the mailbox item (meeting appointment, mail message, etc.) by clicking on the item once with the left mouse button.  On the toolbar, click on the Delete button to delete the item.


Permanently Deleting Mailbox Items from the Deleted Items Folder
After deleting a mailbox item, the information still resides in your mailbox, therefore taking up space on the server. To permanently delete the item, follow the steps below.

1. Click on the Deleted Items folder.
2. Select the item from the list and click the Delete button on the toolbar. A warning message should appear to confirm that you want to permanently delete the message, click Yes to permanently delete the message.



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