Setting permissions on a shared/departmental calendar


1. Login to your email account via Outlook on the web.

  • If you land on the Outlook Web App homepage, click OUTLOOK on the top menu to access your Inbox.


2. Once logged in, click on your name (top right-corner) and then click Open another mailbox..


3. On the search box, type the mailbox name and then click OPEN.


4. Once inside the shared/departmental mailbox, on the top left-corner menu, click on the App Launcher and then click Calendar.


5. On the left navigation pane, right-click on CALENDAR and then click Share calendar.


6. On the right navigation pane, under Share with, type the email addresses of the user you want to share the calendar with.  Once the email address displays, click Use this address... to select the email address.


7. Click on the drop-down menu and choose the permission level for the user.  Click SEND.

  • The user should receive an email with the link for the calendar to add it to their Outlook.


8. Once you are done, sign out from the mailbox by clicking on the mailbox picture and then clicking Sign out.



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