General Information on Secret Server

Privileged Access Management - General Information on Secret Server 

What is a Privileged Access Management System (PAM)? 

Privileged access management (PAM) is a security system that provides more secure handling of user accounts and passwords by providing a cloud-based password storage that is centrally monitored. Is  used to reduce risks by protecting access to Barry University resources, we are introducing Secret Server, an enterprise-grade Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that will keep privileged access secure, traceable and manageable. A typical use of PAM would be the assignment of specific credentials for a resource that you would not typically have access to. A PAM system would store these credentials and keep them secure. This result helps better secure these resources and limit the amount of access to a certain resource.

Why Implement a Privileged Access Management System (PAM)? 

PAM helps against: 

  • Lack of visibility and awareness of privileged users, elevated access, accounts, assets, and credentials 
  • Mismanagement of passwords  

With a surge in cyber-attacks, specifically account based attacks. When an administrative account is compromised an attacker could have access to shut down critical resources. This is why PAM is so pivotal in adding that extra layer of account security.

How to use Secret Server? 

When using Secret Server ( you will be presented with your Secret Server dashboard here is where you can create secrets, manage secrets, share secrets, and access secrets that were shared with you.

Depending on your account privileges or what has been shared with you, you will see different folders and secrets. An example of this would be if you or your department has access to a shared online software service from an Admin level user, who has shared specific login access.  

Additional Technical Information About Secret Server 

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