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This knowledge base category reflects the software and applications services provided by the Division of Information Technology. These services provide software and custom application solutions as well as software licensing to the Barry University community in order to carry-out business, teaching, and learning responsibilities.

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Everything you need to know to get you up and running on the Cisco Jabber app, from downloading it to collaborating with your teams and coworkers, screen sharing, scheduling meetings and a lot more.

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Pinned Article Getting Started with Windows 10

Provided are a series of helpful links to Windows 10 training resources and tutorials.

Pinned Article Sign in to Office

Adobe Creative Cloud

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud

Encrypting e-mail when sending to external e-mail addresses

When sending e-mail that contains information that is sensitive in nature, encryption should be used. Examples of use cases for encryption include the following:
* Transmitting usernames and/or passwords
* Sending transcripts or contracts
* Transmitting anything that contains personally identifiable information that can be used for fraud or identity theft such as Social security number, credit cards, date of birth, personal addresses and phone numbers

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Brief guide on how to download, install, set audio/video devices and share desktop in Microsoft Teams.

Software on Computer Classroom/Lab computers,, or available for Faculty and Staff

Listing of software currently available to students, faculty and staff.