Sending e-mail from an additional/departmental mailbox using Outlook


How do I send an e-mail message from Outlook so that it comes from the additional mailbox and not my personal mailbox?

Note: If your mailbox does not have the additional/departmental mailbox configured to be opened and viewed while logged into your own mailbox, the message will not be sent.  See Answer ID 606 for instructions on adding an additional/departmental mailbox in Outlook.


To send an e-mail from an additional mailbox, follow the instructions below:


1. In Outlook, compose a new e-mail message by clicking New E-mail from the Home tab.


2. Within the compose message dialog box, click the Options tab, and under Show Fields, click From.


3. The From field should now appear above the To field.


4. Click on From, select the mailbox from which the message should be sent.


5. Send the message as you normally would.


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