Encrypting e-mail when sending to external e-mail addresses

When sending e-mail that contains information that is sensitive in nature, encryption should be used. Examples of use cases for encryption include the following:

  • Transmitting usernames and/or passwords
  • Sending transcripts or contracts
  • Transmitting anything that contains personally identifiable information that can be used for fraud or identity theft such as Social security number, credit cards, date of birth, personal addresses and phone numbers. Such information should not be transmitted in e-mail in most cases, but in the event it needs to be, it should out of absolute necessity.

1. In Outlook, click New E-mail to create a new item.


2. On the subject line, type [Encrypt]: insert subject for e-mail.

  • Please ensure that the word Encrypt is inside the brackets.


3. Type the body of the message and the e-mail address of the external recipient.  Once you are done, click Send.


4. When the external recipient receives your e-mail message, it will provide them with instructions on how to open the encrypted message.


5. The external recipient needs to click on the attachment to download it and save it.


6. Once the attachment has been downloaded, the external recipient needs to click Open.


7. The Barry University secure email portal will open in an internet browser window.  The external recipient needs to click Don't want to sign in? Get a one-time passcode to view the message.


8. The external recipient will receive an e-mail with a passcode.


  • Please note the passcode expires in 15 minutes after receiving the e-mail.


9. The external recipient needs to type the passcode in the Barry University secure email portal window, and then click Continue.


10. The e-mail will open, revealing the encrypted message.  Once the external recipient is done reviewing the encrypted e-mail, they need to click Sign Out at the top right-hand corner to log off from the Barry University secure email portal.


For further assistance, please contact the Support Desk at 305-899-3604.

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