Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

This article provides instruction on how to download, install and setup Microsoft Teams on your personal computer.


Download and Install:

To download Microsoft Teams, go here, and click the Download for desktop link.

The installer will be saved to your Downloads folder, go there and run the installer, then log-in with your Barry account when prompted.


Set/change your default mic, speaker and camera:

If you are using external webcams, headsets, speakers or microphones, connect those first before launching Microsoft Teams.  If you are connecting any of those for the first time, make sure any required drivers/software is installed as well before launching Microsoft Teams (check the device's manual for details).

In Microsoft Teams, click your profile icon in the upper right corner, then select Settings.

In the Settings window, select Devices.

Under Audio Devices, open the Speakers and Microphone drop-downs to select the desired devices.

(Optional: click Make a test call, to record and play a short message to see how your microphone and speakers are working)

Open the Camera drop-down and select the desired camera.

When you are done making changes (or confirming devices are working), close the Settings window.


Sharing your Desktop

Go here, for a short video from Microsoft on how to share your desktop during a meeting.


Additional Resources

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