Encrypting e-mail when sending internally to other Barry e-mail addresses

When sending certain emails, you'll want to protect them so the recipients cannot modify, copy, reply all, forward, or print them. To set up your email with this protection, follow these steps:


1. Go to the Ribbon and click New Email to compose a new message.


2. On the New Email Ribbon, click the Options tab.


3. Under Permissions, click on the arrow head and then click Connect to Right Management Servers and get templates.


4. Wait for the Microsoft Outlook to retrieve the templates from the server.


5. Once the templates have been installed, you will see the option for setting permissions on the item by clicking on the arrow head under Permissions.


6. Each set of permissions have different restrictions.  Choose the one that is appropriate for the message you are trying to send.

  • If you choose Barry University - Confidential, the recipient can modified the content but cannot be copied and printed.
  • If you choose Barry University - Confidential View Only, the recipient cannot modified the content.


7. Once you have selected the appropriate restriction, you will see a notification on the New Email message.


8. Compose your message and click Send.  The recipient will receive the email message with a notification about the message's restriction.


Recipients using Outlook will not be able to modify, copy, reply all, forward, or print content from the message.

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