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Defenses against malware and malicious links.
DoIT’s Information Security Office presents the Home Computer Protection Kit. The kit provides free resources on the topics below to help you at home and on your personal devices. This includes anti-malware, anti-virus, 3rd party patching, safe web browsing, and operating system cleaning tools and links.
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The Friends and Family Use Rights Service is provided to you by Barry University if you have completed your annual mandatory Cybersecurity Training, and allows you to add up to 7 family members to view NINJIO Aware Episodes at no cost to you.
When sending e-mail that contains information that is sensitive in nature, encryption should be used. Examples of use cases for encryption include the following:
* Transmitting usernames and/or passwords
* Sending transcripts or contracts
* Transmitting anything that contains personally identifiable information that can be used for fraud or identity theft such as Social security number, credit cards, date of birth, personal addresses and phone numbers
How do I send an email that cannot be forwarded, printed or copied?
How do I view emails with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)?