Request audiovisual or videoconferencing services, learn about online distance resources

This category of services enables real-time collaboration with multiple people and/or in multiple locations, communication systems, and presentation media. The services may include the support staff, processing, and technology to provide: multimedia equipment, video and audio conferencing, web streaming, conference room technologies, and video editing.

Services (9)

Live video stream an event or meeting

This service provides a live stream during an event or meeting.

Recording lectures

This service provides audio and desktop recording of a lecture, as well as access to the recorded file for on-demand viewing.

Request multimedia equipment (laptop carts, document cameras, speakers, mics, projectors)

This service provides the Barry University community with different types of multimedia equipment for use on the Miami Shores campus, assisting users in the operation of multimedia equipment in rooms around campus, and the troubleshooting of classroom multimedia equipment.

Request video editing and/or digitizing

This service provides copying, converting, digitizing and/or professional video editing.

Telephone conferencing (voicebridge)

This service provides an audio or phone only conferencing connection.

Videoconference during a meeting, event, or class

This service requests videoconferencing for a meeting, event, or class.

Videotape or record something (not a lecture)

This service offers videotaping or recording on location or within the David Brinkley TV Studio.


Cisco WebEx is a suite of online meeting tools that allows you to meet with anyone n the world using your computer. With WebEx, you can connect using audio and video for a face-to-face meeting experience, plus share documents, application, or online content with your participants.

Conferencing & Media Services - General

Use this service to request something related to Conferencing & Media not covered by services listed above.