Information Technology

Categories (16)

Access, Accounts & Password Services

Access to Barry University's network and computing resources through a BarryNet username and password. Services in this category include password reset, account changes, and more.

Conferencing & Media Services

Request audiovisual or videoconferencing services, learn about online distance resources

This category of services enables real-time collaboration with multiple people and/or in multiple locations, communication systems, and presentation media. The services may include the support staff, processing, and technology to provide: multimedia equipment, video and audio conferencing, web streaming, conference room technologies, and video editing.

Consulting Services

Services that support the inquiry about and/or development of current and future technology needs in order to foster enhanced teaching and learning and workplace needs.

Desktop, Laptop, & Device Services

Requests related to desktop, laptop computers, or other devices. This category of services provides Barry University community members with access to public and/or personally assigned desktop, laptop, or other devices that have pre-configured computer image(s). These images contain role specific suites of productivity tools and software in order to perform day to day business, teaching, and learning tasks.

Email Services

Access and manage your email account. This category of services provides communication tools through electronic messaging to all Barry University employees and registered students. It is accessible via Microsoft Outlook for desktop, Outlook on the web, and for mobile computing devices.

Labs & Instructional Services

This service provides the management and maintenance of technology in computer labs, lecture rooms, and facilities across all Barry University campuses.

Network & Wireless Services

This service provides secure and sustained voice and data networks and connection services that allow continuous access to the resources needed for students, faculty, and staff.

Print & Fax Management Services

This service provides the Barry University community with printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capability from wired and wireless machines.

Procurement & Acquisition Services

These services provide the negotiations and management of information technology hardware, software licensing, and contracts as well as any related purchasing and renewal for the availability to the Barry University community.

Records Management

This service provides the maintenance, oversight, and guidelines for the practice of retaining or disposing of university information and records for the purpose of safeguarding University information and records.

Security & Data Governance Services

This service provides options and resources to protect Barry University networks, hardware, and software from malicious or unwanted disruption, modification, and disclosure. It provides systems of access to sensitive data, ways to communicate sensitive data, and the necessary reporting mechanisms to oversee the security and disposal of information.

Software & Applications Services

Request help with software. This category of services provides software and custom application solutions as well as software licensing to the Barry University community in order to carry-out business, teaching, and learning responsibilities.

Telephone Services

Cisco telephones, how to connect mobile devices

This service provides Barry employees with interoffice, local, and long distance voice communications, telephony support, mobile business phone service, as well as voice mail service for official Barry University business functions.

How-to Services

These services provide the Barry University community with learning opportunities for non-instructional software and applications, hardware, and current IT technology resources.

Streaming TV

Xfinity on Campus information for resident students.