Donation - New Pledge

This service provides a request for the creation of an open pledge in Raisers Edge.

 From a legal standpoint, a charitable pledge is a contract between a donor and charity in which the donor promises to make a contribution in the future. Such a pledge may be oral or in writing.  Typically we put pledges in Raisers Edge when a written gift agreement is in existence.  Sponsorship pledges may be added from a verbal commitment but unpaid balances are written off at the end of the fiscal year.


What is included

Advancement Services will provide the following:

  • Set up the donor and pledge in the Alumni/Donor CRM database for financial reports and tracking
  • Provide the donor with pledge reminders as requested

It is the responsibility of the requester to:

  • Provide all information regarding the pledge to Advancement Services.

Who receives this service

Faculty and Staff of Barry University.


Service Level Agreement

First response in 1 business day.  Lead time for completion of this task is approximately 3 days after the receipt of all necessary information.


What happens next

You will be contacted by Advancement Services to discuss any concerns with the submitted job.


Request Service


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Wed 10/6/21 9:06 AM