OneDrive for Business - Restore Deleted Items

Restore deleted items

Deleted from Local PC’s OneDrive for Business Sync Client

When you delete files on OneDrive using File Explorer, they're moved to your computer's desktop Recycle Bin. Unless your Recycle Bin is overflowing, the files stay there until you empty the Recycle Bin. This lets you restore files and folders and move them back to where they were.

A.   When deleting files on OneDrive for Business from your BarryU PC simply right-click the file or folder and select Delete.

B.    All items that are deleted from the OneDrive for Business – Barry University folder on your  will relocate to your Recycle Bin imgreson your PC.

Deleted from OneDrive for Business on the Web

When you delete an item from OneDrive on the web, it is immediately moved to the recycle bin. When you open your recycle bin, you’ll see items that you’ve deleted. Those items will remain in the recycle bin where they will stay until they are automatically removed approximately 90 days later. Within that time, you can either restore the files to their original location, or remove them to free up storage space.

  1. Log into OneDrive for Business via OWA .
  2. Tap or click Recycle bin on the left pane.


  1. To restore or permanently delete individual items, pick them by selecting their check boxes. Then select Delete Selection or Restore Selection.
  2.  To permanently delete all items, tap or click Empty recycle bin.


Second-Stage Recycle Bin

When you open the recycle bin on OneDrive for Business on the web, you will only see items that you’ve deleted. When you delete an item from the recycle bin it automatically goes into the Second-Stage Recycle Bin where it remains until it’s completely removed from OneDrive.

For further assistance, please call the Support Desk at 305-899-3604 or (800) 756-6000, ext. 3604.

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