The Go.Barry Launchpad is our remote one stop, one login location for all online Barry resources.  You will be able to access your important web links, academic resources, licensed applications, systems and other fun stuff, from anywhere and any device in a secure, mobile friendly interface.

Go.Barry have customizable backgrounds and allows you to add your own links to make this a true one stop landing for you.

You are able to work on a variety of devices, phones, tablets, laptops, etc.  It works on any device with a browser.  For a richer experience on IOS and Android Devices, please search for and download “WebAgent” from your app store.  The publisher is “Stoneware Inc.

First time accessing the site when using a different computer prior to logging in run the System Check located below the Log in button on go.barry.edu. Doing so will help you install the proper browser extensions for uninterrupted use. 

For quick help please view the selected section below or the full document in the Files section.

Introduction Go.Barry Launchpad
  Supported Devices
  Supported Browsers
First Time Accessing the Site from a Device First Time Accessing the Site from a Device
  From a computer
  From a mobile device
Desktop Components Desktop Components
  Web Resources
  System Menu
Web Storage  Web Storage and Saving Your Work
  Available Storage Options
  Barry Cloud Storage
Saving Your Work Saving a Document from webApps
  Managing Cloud Storage
  Downloading a saved document from the S: drive to your hard drive
  Uploading a document to the S: drive
  Emailing a document from My Files
Stoneware webPass Stoneware webPass
  What is webPass?
  How to install it
  Using webPass
  What if the password was wrong or changes?
Full Document In the Files section to the right

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