Strong password requirements

The following rules and restrictions apply to account passwords.

Password Construction

  • The password is case-sensitive.
  • Contain at least twelve alphanumeric characters. 
  • Contain at least one Uppercase letter A-Z.
  • Contain at least one lowercase letter a-z.
  • Contain at least one number 0-9.
  • Must contain at least one special characters: !$%^&*()_+|~-=\`{}[]:";'<>?,/

Examples of acceptable passwords:
GszPass47!               gooaD842$               big9Trez%               gZ27Jswd^
*These examples will be omitted as possible passwords for security reasons.

The restrictions below apply to password construction. Passwords SHALL NOT contain:

  • Sequences of three or more characters from your Barrynet username or email address.
    • Your username is the part of your e-mail address before the @ symbol.
    • Your email address include
      • Students: first name, last name, law or mymail, barry and edu
      • Faculty and Staff: first initial + last name, barry and edu
  • Number patterns such as aaabbb, qwerty, zyxwvuts, or 123321.
  • Common words spelled backward.
  • Password examples defined on the support site, (e.g. Welcome!23)

Password Change Frequency and Password Reuse

  • Passwords shall be changed at least every 180 days. You may change your password by going to then go to the FACULTY, STAFF, AND CURRENT STUDENTS section.
  • The previous ten passwords shall not be used.
  • Minimum password age shall be one day (the amount of time between password changes).

Examples of unacceptable passwords for a user named Freddy Weston with a username fweston and Barry ID number 0204060. This restriction also is not case-sensitive.

West465                  redSgh6578                eddY236                  Fw0204
FWESTON              Fweston                      IL0veBarry

*These examples will be omitted as possible passwords for security reasons.

Additional words or phrases not allowed as an acceptable password
barryu                    Box123                    goodaD8                    gZ27Jsw
Home123              P@ssword                password                   Pencil123
welcome               Welcome1                 Welcome2                 Welcome3

Password Protection

  • Accounts will be locked out after five consecutive failed login attempts within an hour.
  • Accounts locked out due to failed login attempts will be unlocked after 5 minutes.
  • Any user suspecting his/her password may have been compromised shall change it immediately and report the incident with detailed information to the Information Security Office (
  • Users shall always verify the resource into which they are logging in to ensure it is legitimate and approved, especially when directed to resources received through email, text messages and browsing the Internet. If unsure, the individual shall contact the IT Support Desk.
  • Individuals are required to establish challenge questions and answers for use in self-service password resets.

Additional Recommendations

  • Passwords for Barry University accounts shall be different from passwords used for personal accounts (e.g. personal email, personal bank accounts, etc.).
  • Where possible, users shall not use the same password for various Barry University access needs.
  • Your Barry ID number shall not be included in your password.
  • Personal information such as birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, or names of family members, pets, friends, and fantasy characters shall not be included in your password.
  • Work-related information such as building names, system commands, sites, companies, hardware, or software shall not be included in your password.
  • Individuals should not save passwords when prompted to save them by the web browser.

To view the complete password policy, click here.

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