Connecting to VPN

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If trying to connect to VPN while on campus, the connection will not work. This only works from off campus.

Connecting to VPN

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom to FortiClient VPN and select the appropriate OS. 
  3. Run “FortiClientVPNOnlineInstaller.exe”
  4. The install will begin Downloading      

  1. Select “Yes” and then “Next

  1. Select “Next

  1. Select “Install

  1. The Install will begin 

  1. Click on Finish to complete.

First time start

  1. Run FortiClient VPN and “accept” the message. ​​​​​
  2. Click on Configure VPN and setup configuration as below then click save.    
  • Connection name = BarryU Secure
  • Remote gateway =
  • Customize port = checkbox CHECKED enter 10443
  • Enable Single Sign On... = checkbox CHECKED
  • Save the settings
  1.  Click SAML Login.  Once connected, you can close the window.


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