Phone extension (new) or change(s) to an existing extension

This service is for changing the display name or phone extension (last four digits of the phone number) of your office phone.


What is included

  • Changing the spelling of a name, to a different name, and/or phone number on the display of an office phone.  
  • When requesting to change the display please provide
    • Name of employee, first and last name exactly as it should appear or department name
    • Requesting a new phone number or changing a name
    • Phone number for contact

Who receives this service

  • Faculty, Staff and Non-Employees​


Service Level Agreement

  • Respond in 1 business days, resolve within 2 business days.​


What happens next

You will receive an email confirmation message once the request has been processed.​

Request Service


Sat 8/30/14 2:21 AM
Wed 8/10/16 10:29 AM