Cell phone for business use (new)

This service provides a mechanism to start the process of requesting a new cell phone.


What is included

Faculty or staff may request a new cell phone for business use and access into the Barry University corporate account. Final approval must be received from a member of the ECA or Dean.


Barry University’s corporate “pooled” account provides cellular service at rates that are significantly less than those offered to consumers.  Voice, data, text, and media messaging services are unlimited.

We recognize that there are positions at the university where cell phones are relied on as the primary or sole means of communication because of the nature of the job and/or position requirements.   The pooled plan eligibility criteria shown below describe examples of functions that warrant inclusion in the pool.

Pooled Plan Eligibility Criteria

1. Employee is designated as a member of the university’s crisis management team, or other established emergency response group with a key role to play in disaster recovery and business continuity efforts.

2. Employee is responsible for oversight of services and functions related to the safety, health and well-being of students, faculty and staff that requires the employee to be immediately accessible at all times.

3. Employee is a key resource or member of a team responsible for the support and operation of building systems and/or technology systems and services that must remain operational at all times.

4. Employee requires regular travel outside of the office as part of the essential or required duties of the position and must be accessible at all times.  Occasional travel for conferences or training purposes is not considered a valid reason for plan membership.

5. Employee is responsible for official university communications and must be accessible at all times.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees will purchase their own cellular phone equipment and accessories, and will assume responsibility for the purchase, loss, damage, insurance and/or replacement of their phone equipment. Barry University will assume responsibility for the carrier selection, plan choices, service levels, service and phone features, termination clauses, and payment terms.


Exclusions or NonStandard Features

Non-Standard Feature: Eligible members for this service may request a different cell phone device than what is allowed by the pooled plan. Additional device costs are the responsibility of the user. 

Who receives this service

  • Faculty and Staff​

Service Level Agreement

  • Response in 3 business days, final approval by Executive Committee of the Administration (ECA) or Dean

What happens next

You will receive an email confirmation message once the request has been received. A staff member will contact you for further information.

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