Distribution email list (New)

This service provides a new group email list that may be used to send communications with Barry University email addresses.


What is included

  • New distribution list
  • A mailing list with multiple Barry University email addresses
  • Ability to add and remove members of the distribution list using Outlook and Outlook Web App
  • Ability to send messages from Outlook or Outlook on the web
  • 25 MB Message size limit
  • 25 MB File attachment size limit.

In your request, please include:

Requestor Info:

  • Name *
  • Department *
  • Email *
  • Mailbox Purpose *
  • Display Name *
  • Desired Email Address *
  • Membership (Membership is the people who need access to the list * (Full Name, username or email):
  • Delivery Restrictions:
    • Accept messages from,
      • [  ] All Senders (default option)
      • [  ] Only senders inside our organization
      • [  ] Only from these senders (specify):
    • Reject messages from,
      • [ ] No Senders (default option)
      • [ ] These senders (specify):

Note that (*) = Mandatory

If your list will have more than 25 recipients the distribution list can be populated by DoIT, please attach an Excel file with the names of the recipients.  The header columns for your file should be as follow:








Exclusions or Nonstandard Features


  • Students cannot request a distribution list, requests need to be submitted by an employee.​


Who receives this service

Faculty and Staff


Service Level Agreement

Respond in 1 business day; the new distribution list will be created in 3 business days.​


What happens next

You will receive an email confirmation message once the mailbox and distribution lists are ready.

Request Service


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