Streaming TV

Accessing Xfinity on Campus

Xfinity on Campus is a service provided to resident students that allows live TV and content to be streamed.  To access the service:

  • Visit
  • Enter Barry University in the search field
  • Login with your Barry email
  • Start watching!

Support and Other Information

Students can submit requests for support on Xfinity's support site.

Students can upgrade to premium channels and packages, with this upgrade being billed directly to the student through a credit card on a monthly, no contract basis.  Questions on billing should be directed to Comcast at 1 (877) 978-3229.

Local channels are only available while connected to the University's network.  Off the network, TV Go channels are available.

Further information, including information on ways to watch and devices on which the Xfinity Stream app is supported can be found at  

Who receives this service

  • Resident students


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Thu 8/15/19 11:44 AM