Microsoft 365 Group

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This service provides information on how to request a new Microsoft 365 Group.  The lists can have only Barry University email addresses.

What is included

When you request a Microsoft 365 Group, you will access the group through Outlook and get the following collaboration features:

  • A shared inbox – For email conversations between members. This inbox has an email address and can be set to accept messages from people outside the group and even outside your organization, much like a traditional email distribution list
  • A shared calendar – For scheduling events related to the group
  • A SharePoint Online Document Library – A central place for the group to store and collaborate on files
  • A Shared OneNote Notebook – For gathering ideas, research, and information
  • A SharePoint Online Team Site – A central repository for files and content related to the group
  • Planner – For assigning and managing project tasks among group members

Note:  It is not necessary to use all of the features.

Owners of a list is responsible for:

  • Managing access to the Microsoft 365 Group after it is created
  • Managing and securing content in the Microsoft 365 Group
  • Designating new group owners and moderators
  • Deleting the Microsoft 365 Group when it is no longer needed by following these directions.

Note:  A Microsoft 365 Group may be deleted by Information Technology if the owner is no longer with the University.

Subscribers can do the following:

  • Unsubscribe
  • Change subscription settings
  • Send messages to the members (this may require approval)
  • Invite others to join (this requires approval from the owner or moderator)


Who receives this service

Faculty and Staff​


Service Level Agreement

Respond in 1 business day and list will be created in 3 business days.


What happens next

You will receive an email confirmation message once the list has been created.​

Request a list


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