Request or change access/account for CRM-Salesforce

This service provides a process to obtain access (get an account) to use the customer relationship management (CRM) system - Salesforce.


What is included

The Salesforce product is used as the university's customer relationship management system - working with the life cycle of prospective students. It is useful in the marketing communications, recruitment, and admissions of students to Barry University.

When requesting access to Barry's CRM-Salesforce, information is needed in order to better understand your function within the system. Please provide answers to the following information in your request:

Employee Information

  • Who is your supervisor?
  • Are you replacing an existing user? Who?
  • What is their email address?
  • Is this person a student?
  • They should have access like who?


  • How do you plan to use Salesforce?
  • What information about prospective students would be helpful to you?
  • Does your job function require you to be mobile?
  • Are there any reports that you need? If yes, what kind of report (s)?
  • How often do you use or plan to use Salesforce? (e.g. I only use Salesforce a month before the Fall and Spring semesters begin or I use Salesforce daily)


Exclusions or Nonstandard Features



Who receives this service

  • Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees


What happens next

You will receive an email confirmation message once the request has been processed.

Request Service


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