Relocate, move, pick-up a computer and/or peripherals

This service relocates or picks up a University provided computer and/or peripherals.    Faculty and staff may request a computer move, this generally entails removing all cables and peripherals and carrying the components to a different location and re-connecting the computer in the new location and cable manage the wires for a neat appearance. This also may include a removal and setup of any existing computers in the new location.


What is included

  • This service provides for the coordination of physically relocating devices from one location to another.
  • This service provides for the coordination of removing a device.
  • When requesting this service please include detailed information about the original location and the new location as well as a contact number and times available.


Exclusions or Nonstandard Features


  • Personally owned devices are not included in this service​.


Who receives this service

Faculty and Staff ​


Service Level Agreement

  • After this service is requested, a response will be given within 1 business day
  • This service will be completed in 3 business weeks. ​


What happens next


Request Service


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