Request access or a change to access in the system of record

This service provides a request to grant or modify an employees ability to examine or retrieve information within the systems of records (Workday and/or Colleague) as well as related applications such as Informer and Softdocs.

To gain access to Colleague, please fill out the Colleague Access Request form under "Files" (to your right).  To process your request, click "Request Service," complete the form and attach the signed copy of the Colleague Access Request form.  . 

What's included

  • New access or changes in an employees existing access to information for the the following applications (Workday, Colleague, Informer, Softdocs ie. DocEfill)
  • Printing capability as it relates to that access


Who receives this service

Faculty and staff


Exclusion and Nonstandard features


This service does not provide access to sensitive data (social security #s, birthdays, etc). A separate or additional request form must be submitted and approved to grant unique access to this type of data. Please see the sensitive data request.


Service Level Agreement

Respond in 24 business hours


What happens next

A member of the Administrative Information Systems (AIS) staff will contact you to gather information about the request.

Request Service


Service ID: 13453
Fri 6/3/16 12:46 PM
Fri 12/15/23 11:33 AM