Accessing Voicemail

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To listen to new messages from your Barry University desk phone:

  1. Press your Voicemail  button. 
  2. Enter your PIN and press # (pound). 
    • If you have never setup your pin, please follow these instructions.
  3. Listen to new message and respond as prompted.

Note: Voicemail messages are also delivered to your email.

If your desk phone has multiple lines, to check messages for a specific line, press the desired line button first.  You will hear the message first followed by the date and time. 

To listen to new messages while away from your office:

  1. Dial your office phone number (the full 10-digit number). 
  2. When you hear your greeting, press * (star).
  3. Enter your ID number (your 4-digit extension).
  4. Enter your PIN and press # (pound). 
  5. Press 2 to Access your mailbox.
  6. Listen to new messages and respond as prompted.
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