Cannot access your "K" drive (OneDrive for Business)

The "K" drive is your mapped connection to your One Drive for Business files.  If you have a problem accessing your "K" drive (via the Cloud Drive Mapper), follow the steps below.


  1. Stop the current Cloud Drive Mapper process.
  • Right click the white cloud icon in your system tray, and click Exit (see image below).

  • Click Yes when prompted to exit Cloud Drive Mapper.


  1. Install the new Cloud Drive Mapper client.
  • Download the MSI installer (click here to download), save the file to your Download folder, then double click the MSI to start the installation.
  • During installation, click Next to all of the prompts (click I Agree at the License Agreement prompt).
  • When the installation is completed, click Close.


  1. The new Cloud Drive Mapper will automatically launch, and in a few seconds you will see a Run prompt (see image below).

  • Keep Run selected and click OK.
  • In a few seconds you will see an alert confirming your "K" drive is mapped.




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