Remote Desktop Connection from iMac/Macbook to PC

Before connecting to your work PC via Remote Desktop Connection, your Office Computer will need to be enabled for remote access.  You will also need the Computer Name and IP Address.  To confirm if remote access is enable and to obtain your Office Computer name and IP Address, click here for instructions.

Please note that your Office Computer needs to be ON and AWAKE (not in Sleep Mode) in order to remote to it.


In order to remote to your Office Computer, you need to connect to VPN first.  If you do not have VPN installed on your iMac/Macbook, please follow the instructions below.


1. Connect to VPN.

  • Click here for instructions on installing VPN.


2. Once connected to VPN, do a search (or go to your Applications folder) for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

  • Once it populates on the search list, click on it to open the application.


Note: If you do not have the Microsoft Desktop Connection 10 installed on your iMac/Macbook, please visit the App Store and install Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 (free version).


3. Once you have Microsoft Remote Desktop running, click Add PC to add your Office Computer.  Enter the required information.  Once you are done, click Add (red circle) to add the Office Computer to the remote desktop list.

  • PC name: in the format
  • Under User account, clickk on the drop-down menu and select Add User Account
    • Username:
    • Password: your Barrynet password
    • Friendly name: any name you want, for example-- Barry PC
  • Click Add all the way out


4. From the list of desktops, double-click on your Office Computer to start the remote session.


5. If you get prompted to Verify Certificate, click Show Certificate.


6. Check the option for "Always trust "[your PC name]" when connecting to "[your PC name]..." and then click Continue.


7. When prompted for admin credentials, enter your iMac/Macbook password and click Update Settings.



NOTE: If connecting via PC name does not work, update it to the IP address

  • From the PC list, mouse over your Office Computer and click on the Pencil to edit

  • For the PC name, enter the UP address for your Office Computer and click Save

  • Repeat Steps 4 - 7
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