Alumni/Donor CRM Record Updates

This service provides a request for the editing of information or adding of information to an Alumni/Donor CRM database record.

The Alumni/Donor CRM database houses contact, giving, and related information for Barry's alumni, donors, and friends. The following can be requested using this form.  This service is used primarily for changes in bulk where a list of updates is supplied.  It can be used for one or fewer changes if needed.

  • Contact information, such as a new address, phone, email
  • Relationship information, such as a new employer, family member, organization relationship
  • Questions regarding the information on a constituent's record can also be addressed here.
  • The addition of documents, such as an article, agreement, etc. to a constituent's record


What is included

Advancement Services will provide the following:

  • Provide the data entry to add or update information requested

It is the responsibility of the requester to:

  • Provide all information regarding the change(s) to Advancement Services.

Who receives this service

Faculty and Staff of Barry University.


Service Level Agreement

First response in 1 business day.  Lead time for completion of this task is approximately 1 week after the receipt of all necessary information.


What happens next

You will be contacted by Advancement Services to discuss any concerns with the submitted job.


Request Service


Service ID: 22194
Thu 8/10/17 10:52 AM
Wed 10/6/21 9:00 AM