Donation - Account (Fund) Creation

This service provides a request for the creation of a Barry Gift Fund.

A gift is the voluntary contribution of external support by a donor to the University without any requirement of an economic or another tangible benefit in return beyond what any general member of the public would receive. The contributor of a gift is referred to as the “donor” and the donor’s intent must be philanthropic or charitable. The primary beneficiary of a gift is the general public and not the donor.  Gifts may be either unrestricted or restricted. A restricted gift does not imply that the donor benefits from the gift nor is there an implied quid pro quo.  Valid restrictions pertain to the permitted use of gift funds rather than providing a result to the donor.  To verify that your request for a gift fund is in keeping with Barry policy, please refer to the attached form 6.08 Gift & Grant Classification & Procedure For Determination.

What is included

Advancement Services will provide the following:

  • Will coordinate the creation of the fund with the Office of Finance and set the fund up for donation processing.

It is the responsibility of the requester to:

Fill out the online form and the Fund Creation Form.  The fund creation form needs to be filled out, signed, and sent to Advancement Services to complete the fund creation process.

  • Provide the purpose and justification for the creation of a new gift fund
  • Provide the cost center and cost center manager necessary to set up the fund
  • Provide information on the source of funding that justifies the creation of a new gift fund

Who receives this service

Faculty and Staff of Barry University.


Service Level Agreement

First response in 1 business day.  Lead time for completion of this task is approximately 1 week after the receipt of all necessary information.


What happens next

You will be contacted by Advancement Services to discuss any concerns with the submitted job.


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