Request or update a report regarding leads/prospects/applicants

This service provides data and information from a variety of systems such as Colleague or Salesforce in order to produce reports related to prospective students, leads, and applicants.


What is included

  • A new report or changes to an existing one about prospective students, leads, and/or applicants
  • Reports may be quality control related, meaning they are a weekly/daily report regarding data or lack of data
  • Reports may be operational in nature i.e. Credential Imports, All Student from Alabama etc.
  • Reports may be analytical meaning they produce some type of statistical references.


Who receives this service

  • Faculty and Staff


Exclusions and/or Nonstandard features


Reports and data in this service are usually not related to current students with the exception of financial aid data.


Major changes or modifications to items within the Colleague system are on a limited basis and must have prior approval by a Dean or Vice President.


Service Level Agreement

Respond within 24 business hours.


What happens next

After your request is received someone from the Enrollment-Information Systems group will respond.


Request Service


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