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Add people to your contact list by searching for them in your organization.  Once they are part of your contact list, you can easily double-click on their names to start a phone call or a chat.  


Method 1

  1. In the Cisco Jabber hub window, select the Menu icon (gear) located in the upper right hand corner
  2. Select File > New > Contact
  3. Start typing the person's name to search the directory, or enter the username directly if you know it.
  4. Choose an existing group to which you want to add your new contact, and then click Add 


  1. Click New group, type a name for your new group, click Create, and then click Add

Method 2

  1. In the Cisco Jabber hub window, enter a name or username in the Search field
  2. Hover over their name and click the + button 
  3. Choose an existing group to which you want to add your new contact, and then click Add 


  1. Click New group, type the name for your new group, click Create and then click Add


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