Students - If I want to add or change my phone number and/or my e-mail address to receive emergency notification messages, what should I do?

For Students:
You can update your contact information in WebAdvisor by visiting and following the steps below

1. Login to Web Advisor with your Barry Username.
Note: Username is the part before the @ symbol in your Barry email address

2. After logging into WebAdvisor, click Students under Communication section click “Emergency Contact Information”.

3.  List all your phone numbers (cell, work, home) that you would like to receive emergency voice/SMS notifications, and provide an additional email address, should you wish to receive emergency emails to it.  Please note that numbers listed in the "Enter Day Phone" and "Enter Evening Phone" fields will not receive automated mass notification messages via phone and SMS.

Note: By providing your mobile number, you are automatically opting in to receive emergency notification text messages. To quit receiving them, you can remove your number from WebAdvisor, or simply reply STOP to any emergency alert received. To receive text messages again, you can add your number back in WebAdvisor or text START to 67283 or 226787 if you previously sent a STOP message.

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