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How to use the new PaperCut Print system

All new Toshiba multifunction printers (MFPs) will be streamlined to have the same buttons/functions.  The image below is an example of the main login screen and button functions.


There are 3 ways to login to the MFPs…

  1. Tap your Barry ID card on the MFP at the icon (shown below) to left of the touch panel.  The first time you do this, you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password to associate the card with your account.  After that, simply TAP and it will identify your account.

  1. Type ID number.  You will need to type "emp" or "stu" before your ID number (see format examples below):
    1. Employees use the format:    emp#######
    2. Students use the format:       #######
  2. Enter Username (full email address) and Password

Once logged in, you have 3 options:

  1. Print
  2. Copy
  3. Scan - to Email, Fax, or OneDrive (coming soon)

The system will automatically log you off after 45 seconds of no activity.  To manually log off, you can click the Log Off / Lock Screen or Clear Settings buttons (see image above), or click the log out icon next to your name in the top section of the touch screen (see image below).


How to Submit a Print Job

We will be deploying PaperCut Print Deploy Client to all university computers.  Once the software is installed, it will automatically open its main window (see below), prompting the user to sign-in.

Once you sign-in, the new BarryPrint print queue will be installed on the computer, and will appear in your printer list when you go to print.  Use this print queue to send all print jobs once the new MFP has been deployed in your area.

*** All print jobs will be held in a secure queue until you release (print) them or delete them from the job list at an MFP.  If not printed or manually deleted, they will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. ***


How to Release a Print Job

Login to an MFP (see steps above).  Once logged in, you’ll see the number of print jobs/pages in your queue at the top of the screen.  You can select the Print all button to print them all with no changes.

Or tap the Print Release button, to view the print job list.  Here you can select the specific print job you want to print, and optionally change settings (# of copies, single/double-sided, etc) by tapping the ">" button to the right of the print job.

Select the desired job and tap Print.

You can also manually delete a print job if desired (before the 24-hour time limit).

*** The default settings for university print jobs are B/W and Double-sided. ***


How to make Copies

Login to an MFP (see steps above) and tap the Copy button.  The screen will change to the MFP's copy interface, showing choices for 1 or 2-sided, B/W or Color, # of copies, etc.  Tap the Copy physical button to start the copy, or you can tap the 1 button to go back (see example image below).

Scan to Fax (employees only)

When you select Scan to Fax, all you need to fill-in is the destination’s Name and Fax Number (10-digit number only, no leading 1 or 9 needed).  The document will be scanned and sent securely to our Xmedius server, then faxed out to the destination you identified.  Within a few seconds you will receive an email from PaperCut confirming the scan was sent to the Xmedius server.  The actual faxing takes a few minutes, so after 4-5 minutes you will receive an email from Xmedius with a confirmation page indicating the fax was sent successfully (or if there were errors).


Scan to OneDrive (coming soon)

Details on this feature will be coming soon.


Colleague Printing:

To print from Colleague to the new print system, do the following:

  1. Type a “P” in the Output Device field (see image below).
  2. Type “PAPERCUT” in the Printer field (see image below).
  3. Then proceed as you normally would to print.

Your job will then go into the secure queue, and you will need to login to one of the new Toshiba MFPs to release/print the job.



The stapling function within the BarryPrint print driver currently does not work, however there are simple work-arounds...

For a single "stapled" document:

  • Print one copy (without stapling), then use a manual stapler (or the manual stapling feature - on MFPs with external finishing units).

For multiple "stapled" copies of a document:

  • Print one copy (without stapling), then use the COPY function on the MFP and use the FINISHING button in the COPY interface to select the desired staple location, then enter the remaining number of copies to make and run the copy process.  Once completed manually staple the original single print to complete your set.


How to Report a Problem or Order Supplies

On each of the new MFPs is a label with the device ID number as well as a email and contact number for Toshiba support (see example below).  If you encounter any issues printing or with the device, call the service number or send an email and provide the ID number of the device and a description of the problem.  Toner supplies will be monitor and automatically delivered, however if you run out before new toner is received, you can use the supplies contact info to check status or order new supplies.




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