Ellucian Colleague Student Planning

WebAdvisor service is at end of life, and no longer supported by Colleague. The new Student Planning platform is now available to faculty and advisors to replace those functions. You will still be able to use WebAdvisor for some time, but we encourage you to check out the new Student Planning functionality as well.


Faculty Overview

View and manage courses and section by term.

Course Rosters

Lists students (and basic information) enrolled in a course. Includes ‘email all’ functionality to quickly communicate with everyone enrolled in a given course section.

Grading (Miami Shores/main campus only)

Lists all submitted grades and attendance information for each section.

Waitlisting (Orlando Law campus only)

Shows information on students currently on waitlist for a given course. Includes ‘email all’ functionality.


Advisee Overview

View and manage assigned advisees, display profile information on a specific student, and add courses to a student’s plan. A tutorial video can be found here. A pre-recorded training session is also available here.

Course Plans

This is used to help a student build their plan. After the advisor approves the proposed plan/course, the student will be allowed to register.

Registration (limited availability)

Allows advisors to register students according to their course plans. Similar to Webadvisor's existing 'shopping cart' functionality.

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