Using hybrid equipment in instructional rooms

All of the instructional rooms on the Miami Shores campus and remote locations have been upgraded, and include equipment to facilitate the hybrid delivery of courses. 

This video shows how to use the hybrid equipment, and the attached document will be available in all of the classrooms.

Specifics on equipment that will be used can be found below.  

AV Control System

Button Panel Guide

Logitech Group System

Reference Guide


  • Camera will turn on automatically when powering on PC

Remote Control Presets

  • Preset 1 on the remote will be instructor view
  • Preset 2 – 4 will be student view (larger rooms will be split into more presets)


  • The Logitech Group acts as a speaker and microphone for the room
  • Muting one microphone pod will mute the whole system
  • Keep volume at maximum to ensure it is loud enough for the room


Elmo Document Camera

Reference Guide


Ideal Microphone, Speaker and Video Settings in classrooms




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