Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication For Office 365 - with Microsoft


Office 365 is Barry University email and storage solution for all students and employees providing anytime, anywhere access to email, documents, contacts and calendar. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) requires more than one method of verifying your identity to confirm that it is really you logging into your email/Office 365 account. This protects you and our community by preventing cybercriminals from accessing your account. Multi-factor authentication for your email/Office 365 account will confirm your identity by verifying something you know (your email address & password) and something you have (a trusted device – such as a mobile phone).

More information about Office 365 multi-factor authentication can be found on the Accounts and Passwords section  our website:

If you are unable to enroll into multi-factor authentication at this time, please contact the IT Service Delivery. Contact information for IT Service Delivery can be found online at


Video - How to setup Microsoft Authenticator App



Alert: For best results update your MFA verification device to the most current version before configuring your options

  1. Identify which devices/verification methods you will use for your multi-factor authentication, and keep those devices nearby so you can authenticate as needed. 
    • It is recommend to set up at least two different verification methods and, if at all possible, two different devices. 
    • Options for verification methods/devices are available on Multi-Factor Authentication - with Microsoft
  2. Log into Office 365 online at 
    • Students use your or email address and password;
    • Faculty/Staff use your email address and password 
  3. You should be prompted with a screen that says "More Information Required". Click on the blue "Next" button. 

  1. The MFA Setup Wizard will appear. Complete the steps outlined below as prompted by the MFA Setup Wizard. If you have any issues with the MFA Setup Wizard, please contact IT Service Delivery


Microsoft Authenticator App

Keep your account secure by starting with getting the Microsoft Authenticator app click the Next button.

Set up your account with Microsoft Authenticator by clicking the Next button. 

  • On your phone click the + to add your account, if prompted select “Work or school”.


  • On your phone click Verified IDs


Open the Microsoft Authenticator app, click to add an account, Scan the QR code on your computer screen and click Next.

Approve the account on your cell phone when you see "Let’s try it out".  You may need to enter your cell phone screen unlock code.

Once the setup start processing you will see a message with "Notification approved", click the Next button.

You will receive a message, "You have successfully set up your security info", click Done.


Add additional sign methods

Once the first method is setup you will have the option to add additional methods to access your account by clicking "+ Add sign-in method".

Click on the drop-down list that says Add a method.  You will see three other ways to add addition MFA options: Phone (for a cellphone), Alternate phone and Office phone.  Select the method you prefer to add to your MFA options.



Phone (Will not be supported after May 2024

Select Phone from the drop-down list and click Add.

Enter your cell phone number followed by selecting "Text me" a code or Call me and click Next

Enter the code you received as a text message and click Next

You will receive a message SMS verified click Done.


The setup is complete! 

MFA is now enabled for your Office 365 account.





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