Azure Dev Tools for Teaching


The Microsoft Imagine / Microsoft DreamSpark has been renamed to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.  It no longer uses Kivuto’s OnTheHub. Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching puts professional developer tools, software, and services in the hands of faculty and students with low-cost subscriptions from Microsoft. Students receive developer tools from Microsoft at no additional cost – everything needed to create apps, games and websites – so they can chase their dreams, create the next big breakthrough in technology, or get a head start on their career.


Common Questions:

Who can use Azure Dev Tools for Teaching?
Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is to be used for STEM-focused instruction. Any course that has a focus on using Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics in their curriculum is eligible to use Azure Dev Tools for Teaching to help professors teach and students learn more effectively.

How will students get access to software?
All software will be accessible through an Education Hub built in the Azure Portal that houses all products and services available to academic users. Students will get access by simply logging into the Azure Portal with the your email and passord credentials.


Getting Started with Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is Easy

  1. Visit and click Sign In.


  1. Log in with your Barry email address and click Next.

  1. Select Work or school account then login with your email address, password and click Sign in.

  1. Check the desired boxes, then click Accept terms.


  1. Once logged in you can view the Overview and Get started sections.

  1. To view the list of available developer titles, Click Software.

  1. To download a software click a software title, then click Download or Activate.
  2. Follow any onscreen prompts to complete your download.
  3. To sign out of your account from the upper right-hand corner, click your account profile.
  4.  From the drop-down menu, click Sign out, then close the browser session.


Azure Dev Tools for Teaching doesn’t include Microsoft Office. It provides tools to departments, faculty, and students to expand their study of software development and testing. These tools include such technologies as Platform SDK, SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET, and Windows Server.

For information on obtaining Microsoft Office for free for students, faculty and staff view our help article



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