Popular Services

Enter a request for IT assistance.

Use this service to request something related to Desktop, Laptop & Devices Services not covered by services listed above.

This service provides a process to obtain access and an account to use the customer relationship management (CRM) system - Salesforce.

Place, receive, and manage calls using your computer, Android, Apple iPhone, or iPad.

Submit a service request to Adminstrative Information Systems.

This service provides assistance connecting to University Wi-Fi and/or reporting Wi-Fi issues.

Request access or a change to access in the system of record (formerly AIS)

This service is for the purchase/lease of end-point devices for employees such as a computer, laptop, or tablet.

Request something related to Software & Applications that is not covered by other services listed.

This service provides toner and/or paper for public access printers (office, department, personal printers are not included).

This service moves a multi-function printer (MFP) or University owned network printer to a new location.

This service is for requesting a new Multifunction printer (MFP)/network printer.

Use this to request something related to Accounts and Passwords not covered by services listed.

This service provides additional phone features to a employee desk phone.

Xfinity on Campus information for resident students.

Request something related to Network & Wireless that is not covered by other services listed.

This service includes activating/deactivating ports and/or fixing existing network wall plates

This service provides the purchase and acquisition of new IT hardware.

Request something related to the Library & Research Information that is not covered by other services listed.

This service requests desktop videoconferencing Adobe Connect Host Account primarily for academic usage.

This service offers personal computer repair.

This service is for changing the display name or phone extension (last four digits of the phone number) of your office phone.

This service is used to request a the relocation or pick up of a University computer and/or peripherals.