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Configuring your Microsoft Xbox 360 to connect to Barry's Wireless Network - Part 2


Step 2 - To be completed after being notified by the IT Support Desk that you can now complete the configuration process for your game device.  If Step 1 has not been completed, please fill out the online form.

The configuration steps below work with the XBOX 360; however you may need to follow the process 2 or 3 times before you are able to connect to the internet. 


1. Go to Setting, select System.

2. Select Network Settings.

3. Scroll and select Connect to Barry Wireless.

4. In the Unsecured Network (You are about to connect to an unsecured wireless network.  Continue?), select Yes.

5. In Duplicate Network (Multiple networks with the same name have been found.  If this is your network name, please change it to help you choose the right network.  For info about changing your network name, see the documentation for your wireless device), select OK.

6. In Warning (Testing your network connection will sign everyone out.  Continue?), select OK.

7. Your device will go through Test Xbox Live Connection.

  • Test Status
    • Network should see Connected
    • Internet should see Connected
    • Xbox LIVE should see Connected
  • LIVE status
    • Services should see Up
    • Marketplace should see Up
    • Accounts should see Up
    • Matchmaking should see Up
  • Even though your test is successful, you may see a Connection Warning message.  You can connect to Xbox LIVE, but your current network configuration may limit your online experience.  Select More Info for a description of the problem and how you can fix it.
    • More Info - Connection Warning(s)
    • NAT Error For more help, visit the following.  Because of settings your router or modem, your NAT type is Moderate.  This may cause problems with multiplayer games and chat.  Visit for more help.
    • NAT Error Unplug the from the router or modem for 30 seconds.  Reconnect the power, and wait another 30 seconds.  Because of a setting on your router or modem, your NAT type is Moderate.  This may cause problems with multiplayer games and chat.  Visit for more help. Restart Test or Next Suggestion.
  • In the Text Xbox LIVE Connection box, select Continue.
  • Go to Connect to Barry Wireless and select Configure Network.
    • Select Additional Setting, then select Advanced Settings.
    • Select Host Name and set the Hose Name to your MAC address or a name that will display within the network name that will display within the network and select Done.


If you encounter any problems, please contact the IT Support Desk, Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 9:00 pm.

You may reply to your closed request for IT assistance or by phone at 305-899-3604.  Once you hear the menu, press Option 5 to speak with a Support Desk representative.


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