IT Governance

University Library Advisory Council

The Library Committee, appointed by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, consists of faculty representatives from each of the schools of the University and a student representative recommended by the Student Government Association. The functions of the Committee are: to stimulate the students and faculty of the University to maximum use of library materials and facilities; to seek the assistance of the faculty in cooperative planning towards the integration of library services with the academic program; to assist and advise the librarians in building a well-balanced collection; to make recommendations regarding policy and procedures pertaining to the use of library facilities.

University Technology Advisory Council

Purpose and responsibilities

  1. Obtain input for the planning and implementation of computer usage throughout the University;
  2. Recommend additions and modification to existing technology policies; 
  3. Recommend strategies for the use of information technology to further the technology needs of the university community;
  4. Serve as an advocate for campus technology needs, including equipment, software, training and IT personnel;
  5. Foster the use of IT as a unifying communications mechanism between administrative offices, administrators, students and faculty;
  6. Assist with dissemination of information to the campus community to raise awareness of existing IT policies, procedures, resources and training opportunities;
  7. Review proposed technology projects for completeness, compatibility with existing systems, adherence to existing security standards, and to identify new resources necessary for successful completion. Refer project proposals that require significant staff and budgetary resources to the IT Steering Committee.
  8. Participate in the authoring and updating of the university IT Strategic Plan.


The committee will be staffed by the following ex-oficio members

  1. Legal Affairs representative – David Dudgeon
  2. Associate Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Hernan Londono
  3. Director of Workplace and Instructional Technologies Services – Linda Cahill


Faculty Senate Communications and Technology Committee

The purpose of the Communications and Technology Committee shall be to promote information gathering, communication, and collaboration among the Department of Information Technology (DoIT), the University Business Solutions (UBS), and Barry faculty.   It shall also evaluate, identify, and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding technological needs at the University.  The Committee is also in charge of monitoring the Faculty Senate’s Homepage and developing creative ways to maximize the use of this communications vehicle.

If you are interested in more information about this committee’s monthly agenda or minutes, please contact the Committee’s Chairperson or your school’s representative.  To locate committee chair or school representative, please refer to the Senate Membership List.

Source: Administrative Handbook pg. 27 retrieved 09/2012 from:,%202005.pdf

DoIT Management Council

The DoIT Management Council serves as the main advisory team for the VP of Technology and CIO on matters of current operations in the different segments of Information Technology at Barry University as well as trends and issues in the field of IT. This group also discusses feedback received from other governance groups and uses the results of such discussion to actively participate in the strategic decision making process lead by the VP of Technology and CIO.


Dr. Hernan Londono   Associate Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Darrell Duvall Associate Chief Information Officer, Technology Delivery
Tracy Graham Associate Chief Information Officer for University Business Solutions
Maximo Ramirez Director, IT Infrastructure Operations
Kerri-Quaan Stewart Director, Software Solutions and Information Management
Wesley Ng-A-Fook Project Portfolio Director
Grace Ralfelt Director, Customer Relationship Management Technology Services
Jose Sisto Coordinator, Information Security Office

DoIT Staff Council

The Council serves as an advisory board to the CTO and DoIT Management Council regarding departmental activities in support of the university mission. Specifically, the council serves to:

  1. Identify and document problems affecting service delivery and general operations. Make recommendations to management for business process improvements.
  2. Facilitate communication and promote collaboration between the Division and other university departments and between departments within the Division.
  3. Plan community service and other divisional activities.
  4. Report, suggest, or promote activities that contribute to the Barry mission.


Keva Boone Project and Portfolio Management Office Chair
John Beynon EDS Business Operations  
Jennifer Holmes Videoconferencing  
Grace James Division of Enrollment and Digital Strategies  
Regina Lopez University Business Solutions  
Andressa Sily Software Solutions & Information Management  


DoIT Communications Committee

The Committee, created by the CIO, assists with vision and maintains the overall communication strategy for divisional communications to the Barry internal community and beyond. The Committee’s current projects include: re-development and maintenance of the DoIT websites, DoIT News and Blogs, and the IT Service Portfolio/Catalog.

Keva Boone Project and Portfolio Management Office Chair
Andressa Sily Software Solutions & Information Management  
Kerri-Quaan Stewart Software Solutions & Information Management  
Grace James Division of Enrollment and Digital Strategies  
Audrey Johnson Technology & Service Delivery