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Fri 10/9/20 - Wed 6/30/21
Division of University Administration
Project / Business Process Improvements
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1. Supervisor submits a request via TeamDynamix asking HR to assist with filling out of an open position.
2. HR (Organizational Development & Training) verifies if supervisor has received the Supervisor Training in WD Learning.
a. If training not completed, the request goes on hold until supervisor completes training
3. HR opens requisition in WD
4. HR posts the job
5. HR receives applications submitted for the position. If the applicant answers “no” to questions about having an award letter, the process ends at that point.
6. If the applicant answers “yes” to the question about having an award letter the HR Partner reviews applicant’s qualifications and send qualified applicants to the Hiring Manager via Workday
7. Hiring Manager rates those that he/she highly recommends with a comment specifying moving forward with a background check.
8. HR Partner initiates the background check via HireRight
9. If background checks comes back clear the hiring process begins
10. Hiring Process starts in Workday by HR
a. Verification Work-Study award amount from COLL
b. "Entering Compensation": Assigns Pay Rate, Verifies dept. cost center
c. Search for COLL ID using SSN from background check info.
i. If not found, create the record in Colleague?
d. Adding Colleague ID to other ID in WD.
e. Update student record in Colleague by changing type from student to staff
f. Onboarding starts by sending email to student with account information and accessing WD to complete onboarding process.
11. Once student completes onboarding, supervisor will need to submit the “Complete To Do” to finalize the hire.
Mon 11/23/20 5:01 PM
Wed 12/15/21 12:08 AM


Redesign workstudy hiring process in Workday.


  1. I. Achieve comprehensive financial sustainability.

  2. III. Promote an institutional culture that fosters Ethical Behavior, Personal Accountability, Service Excellence, Professional Development, and Community Engagement.

Systems Affected

  1. Business ERP (Workday)


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