ACI Student Payment Portal Implementation

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Project is 55 % complete, starting on Mon 3/1/21 and ending on Fri 4/8/22.

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55% complete, updated on Mon 1/10/22 5:00 PM by Wesley Ng-A-Fook

Changed Health from Yellow - At risk with corrective actions to Green - On track.
No progress from N2N on Ethos development. An update is expected by Friday 14th.
Monday 17th's meeting is canceled in observance of MLK day but Joseph will send an update to the project team at end of the week.

New go live date has been pushed one more week to 5/31/2022.


Mon 3/1/21 - Fri 4/8/22
Division of Enrollment & Marketing
Project / ERP/SIS Implementation
Green - On track
Mon 10/5/20 2:32 PM
Tue 1/11/22 12:28 PM
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• Integrates with Colleague based off our existing integrations with ACI, so it will continue to be real-time for balance and payment information.
• Supports mobile functionality and notifications through mobile on both iOS and Android. The notification system will also allow us to send emergency alerts if needed (ie. Hurricane Updates). These alerts will show up instantly on the devices as a standard notification and not a text.

• PayMyBills - This optional product allows not only payment but refunding for international currencies, which is a priority feature for CBO. This will be implemented concurrently with the Payment Portal project.

• MoBills - The wallet portion (ios and android) will be Barry Branded and can present the student with balance info on the fly and alert them to payment due dates. This product is included as part of the implementation but will occur after the payment portal concludes.

• Virtual Collections Agency (VCA) - This product is included as part of the implementation but will occur after the payment portal concludes.
• This will benefit to CBO in their attempts to collect debts.
• Implementation time for all production would be 6-7 months
• This will integrate into Student Planning like our current one does
• It is SSO compliant and SSO is a requirement
The possibility exists of utilizing for this Mybarry payments, but that would need further exploration if the University wishes to move in that direction.


  1. II. Provide Learner centered experiences that facilitate student academic, social, and professional success.

  2. III. Promote an institutional culture that fosters Ethical Behavior, Personal Accountability, Service Excellence, Professional Development, and Community Engagement.

Systems Affected

  1. Legacy Student ERP (Colleague)


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Anita Daphnis
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted
Interim Director, Orlando Law Financial Aid
Wed 6/2/21 12:44 PM
Donald Cearnal
Responsible, Consulted, Informed
Student Financials Lead
Wed 4/14/21 5:42 PM
Doug Brucker
Manager, Orlando Law IT Operations DCS
IT lead Orlando Law
Wed 4/14/21 5:44 PM
Julie Isha
Accountable, Consulted, Informed
VP Sponsorship
Wed 4/14/21 5:43 PM
Rosemarie Cieslar
Associate Director, Cashier Business Office
Responsible, Consulted, Informed
Student Financials Specialist
Wed 4/14/21 5:43 PM
Virginia Traver
Director of Finance
Responsible, Consulted, Informed
Orlando Law Finance Lead
Wed 4/14/21 5:44 PM
Whitney Curtis
Accountable, Informed
Dean, Orlando Law
Wed 4/14/21 5:44 PM