OneDrive for Business - Cloud Drive Mapper


Using Cloud Drive Mapper


IAM Cloud Drive Mapper Setup

1.    You will be asked to Authenticate. Please enter your FULL e-mail address and password.




2.    Once entered, click OK.



3.    When the drive is mapped to your system you will get a small notification in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen letting you know the drive has been mapped.





Verify OneDrive is mapped to your PC

1.    Click Start > Computer.


2.    Under Network Locations, you should now see the OneDrive for Business mapped “K” drive on your system.




Saving to OneDrive for Business (K:) Drive

Saving to the iam cloud Cloud Drive Mapper is as simple as saving to any network drive.

1.    Using any Office product (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.), select Save As to save a document. Then select Browse to search for a location to save your document.



1.    In File Explorer, select the OneDrive for Business (K:) network drive and click Save.





For further assistance, please call the Support Desk at 305-899-3604 or (800) 756-6000, ext. 3604.

We can also assist by email at





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