Retrieving Archived Mailbox Items in Outlook

NOTE: Archiving to your local computer (for example, to your My Documents folder) is no longer supported by DoIT.  The new supported archive is to your Online Archive.


To retrieve items that have been archived, follow the steps below.


Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013

1. Click on File tab and then, click Open.



2. Click Open Outlook Data File.



3. When the Outlook Data File window opens, click on the drop-down menu at the bottom right-hand corner and select All Files.
After all files appear in the window, navigate to the ".pst" file you would like to import, and then click OK.



4. The archived file will appear on the left navigation pane under Archived Folders.





Microsoft Outlook 2007

1. Click on the Go menu and select Folder List.

2. In the Folder List, look for the folder called Archive Folders. Click on the "+" plus sign next to the Archived Folders icon and all your archived mail should appear.

3. If the folder Archive Folders does not appear in the Folder List on the left navigation pane, you can open it by clicking:

  • File --> Open and then selecting Outlook Data File.

4. Click on the down arrow next to the Look In box and select C:

5. In the list of folders below the Look In box, double-click the folders in the following order: My Documents --> Outlook Files.

6. Select the file named Archive and then click OK.

7. The Archived Folder should now appear.



For further assistance, please contact the IT Support Desk at 305-899-3604 or via e-mail at

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