Using Your Cisco 7841 Phone

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  • Dialing On-Hook: Enter a number, then go off-hook to complete the call by pressing the Call softkey, pressing the speaker button or lifting the handset.
  • Redial: Press the Redial softkey to redial the last number called on your primary line. To redial on a secondary line, press the line button first.



  • There are several ways to answer calls: lift the handset, press the flashing amber line button, press the Answer softkey, or press the headset or speakerphone button.


Hold and Resume a Call

  • While on a active call, to place the call on hold, press the Hold  softkey.
  • To resume an on-hold call, press the flashing green line button, or press the Resume button, or press the Hold softkey.


Transfer Calls

  • Start with an active call, not on hold.
  • Press the Transfer  button or the Transfer softkey and enter the destination number.
  • Press the Transfer  button or the Transfer softkey again to complete the transfer immediately – or wait until the destination answers to announce the transfer, then press the button.


Forwarding Calls  

  • Press the Forward All softkey.
  • Do one of the following:
    • Enter a 4-digit extension (for an internal number)
    • Enter 9 + full 10-digit number (for an external number)
    • Press the Voicemail  button to forward all incoming calls to voice mail
  • To verify that your calls are forwarded, look for:
    • A forward-all icon on the line label
    • Forwarding information on the upper left main screen
  • To cancel call forwarding, press the Forward Off softkey.



  • Start with an active call, not on hold.
  • Press the Conference  button and enter the phone number for the party to be added and press the Call softkey.
  • When party answers, announce the conference.
  • Press the Conference  button to tie parties together.
  • Repeat these steps to add more participants.


Silence a Call

  • Silence an incoming ringing call by pressing the Volume  button down once.


Setting Ringtones

  • Press the Applications  button.
  • Use the circular Navigation button to highlight Preferences, then press Select.
  • Select Ringtone.
  • Select the line for which the ringtone should be set (for phones with multiple lines).
  • Scroll through the ringtone options using the Navigation  button. You can hear ringtones by pressing the Play softkey on a highlighted ringtone.
  • Press the Set softkey then the Apply softkey to apply the desired ringtone.
  • Press the Application softkey to return to the main screen.


Directory of University Contacts

  • Searching for a contact, press the directory  button.
    • Press number 2 or the down arrow on the circular navigation  button until Corporate directory is highlighted and press the middle of the navigation button.
    • Select any criteria to search for a coworker: first name, last name, or (10-digit) number.
    • To dial, press the Dial softkey, press the Select button, or press the Speakerphone button.


Call History

  • View
    • Press the Application  button, then select item 1: Recents.
    • The screen will display call history.
    • Press the Exit softkey twice to return to the main screen.
  • Dial
    • While in the call history list, press the Down Arrow on the navigation  button until the person or number you want to call is highlighted.
    • Press the Call softkey to place the call.
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