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Account Information

You should have received information on your BarryNet account during your onboarding process.  Your BarryNet account provides access to campus PC’s, e-mail, online resources, the wireless network and Workday.  Accounts are renamed and removed based on information entered in Workday. If your account needs to be renamed, please update Workday with the correct information.

Your BarryNet account is your identity on the network.  As such it is imperative you not share your password with anyone.  Password changes are required every 180 days.  You can change/reset your password by using the Password Management tool.  

For more detailed information on all available technology resources, be sure to visit the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) online at

Computing Assistance

The IT Support Desk is intended to be the primary point of contact between the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) and faculty, staff and students seeking IT support services. If you need assistance, we encourage you to visit our on-line support site at  Here, you can search knowledgebase articles, view a listing a services and request them through our Service Catalog, and submit and view your support incidents.  You can also contact the IT Support Desk using any of the below.





In Person:

Library 226


Accessing On-Line Resources from Off-Campus

The Go.Barry Launchpad is our one stop, one login location for accessing all online Barry resources when you’re away from Barry.  You will be able to access your important web links, academic resources, licensed applications and systems from anywhere in a secure, mobile friendly interface.  It’s accessible through a web browser on a variety of devices, phones, tablets and laptops.  For a richer experience on IOS and Android devices, you can download the “WebAgent” from your app store.  The publisher is “Stoneware Inc”.

Below is a listing of selected on-line resources pertinent to you.  External sites are accessible both on and off-campus, while internal sites can be accessed on campus, and off-campus through






Library Web


Student Web




Workplace and Instructional Technologies Services (wITs)










Communicating With the Barry Community

Faculty & Staff

Campus wide e-mail messages for employees are distributed by the Department of Marketing and Communications, as well as other designated senders.  ALL employees are automatically subscribed to the Barry News e-mail list with certain opt-out options available.  To distribute your messages to all employees, submit a job request by going to


All students are provided a Barry e-mail address, and it is the official address to which the university will send communications. Students are required to periodically check their Barry e-mail.

Class distribution lists are automatically created for each class four weeks before the semester begins, and use Barry university student e-mail addresses.  Faculty can send e-mail messages to their classes using these class distribution lists. Visit for further information.

E-mail Lists and Communications (Listserv and Distribution Lists)

E-mail lists for marketing purposes require special configuration and must follow specific guidelines for creation and updates. This is necessary for SPAM control.  We are required to follow strict guidelines to maintain our whitelist status with the major e-mail providers such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. 

Distribution lists are used for communication with internal users. Listservs are used to communicate with both internal and external users OR simply external users. If you need either one of these e-mail lists created, submit a request to or visit

BarryNet Wireless

Wireless is available everywhere throughout campus.  Devices can be configured automatically by connecting to the “Connect to Barry Wireless” network, opening a web browser and running through the configuration wizard.  Further information can be found at

Software and Computer Purchases for Home Use

Computers, peripherals and software are available for purchase through special purchase programs with companies such as Dell EMC and On The Hub.  In addition to this, Microsoft Office is available for free to all employees and students.  For further information, please visit

Conferencing, Media and Learning Spaces

Audiovisual Equipment

Audiovisual equipment is available for Faculty and Staff to check out or have delivered to scheduled meetings or classes. Some of this equipment includes LCD projectors, Laptops and document cameras. For more information visit To submit a request, visit > I Need to Submit A > Choose the correct service.


DoIT has in place a backbone for state-of-the-art videoconferencing solutions for the University, and is responsible for providing and supporting all videoconferencing services offered to the Barry Community.

For more information visit To submit a request, visit > I Need to Submit A > Choose the correct service.

Streaming Media

Streaming Media includes converting existing video materials to a digital format for streaming, requesting live event web streaming coverage and viewing archived events. To view live or archived events, visit To submit, visit

DoIT Policies

A listing of IT policies can be found at

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging (UM) is the convergence of voicemail and e-mail.  With UM, missed calls will appear in your e-mail with the phone number of the caller. In addition, voicemail messages left will be delivered to your e-mail, allowing you to listen to the voicemail by opening the attached sound file. 

For information on how to set your voicemail PIN, or any of the options below, please visit and select “telephone” or click on the following links. 

Setting your voicemail for the first time 

Recording an alternate (Out of Office) voicemail greeting

Accessing Voicemail

Change/Resetting voicemail pin

Resetting voicemail pin for special/departmental/front desk/generic voicemail mailboxes

Outlook Voice Access - Managing your e-mail, calendar, directory and contacts

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