How to Reconnect a Disconnected OneDrive Mapped Drive

After you map a network drive from OneDrive for Business, you must occasionally connect to the Office 365 Portal site by using Internet Explorer and select the Keep me signed-in option. This prevents the session that's used by the mapped network drive from expiring. A mapped drive that's connected to the Office 365 Portal is only supported when these steps are performed within Internet Explorer. Please follow the steps below if your mapped drive session has expired and your drive shows that it is disconnected.


Verify that your OneDrive Mapped Drive  is disconnected

1. Click the Start Button , and select "Computer".


2. If you see that your mapped OneDrive folder shows that it's disconnected, as shown below, please open Internet Explorer.


Reconnect your OneDrive Mapped Drive(s)


1. Using Internet Explorer (ONLY), login to the Office 365 Portal by going to


2. Check the option "Keep me signed in" and input your Barry e-mail address.

** If the page redirects you before checking the option "Keep me signed in", please go back to and check the option then continue to input your credentials. **


3. Once you have selected the "Keep me signed in" option and input your Barry e-mail address, click the password field and you will then be redirect to the Barry login page.


4. Enter your password and click "Login".


5. Once logged in, click the "OneDrive" option towards the top of your screen.


6. Click on the "LIBRARY" tab.


7. Click the "Open with Explorer" option.


8. Once the folder is open in Explorer View, click on one of your disconnected OneDrive mapped drives.


9. Once the drive is open you should be able to click on any other OneDrive  mapped drive that needs to be reconnected.


10. When your drives show that they have been reconnected, you can close Internet Explorer. The process has been completed.


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