Connecting to VPN with Barry computer


If trying to connect to VPN while on campus, the connection will not work. This only works from off campus.

Connecting to VPN

If you haven’t installed the FortiClient package, please follow the instructions below.  After installing the client, you can connect either by:

  1. Browsing to, clicking on the Launch FortiClient link to open the FortiClient Security Console, clicking Remote Access, entering your username and password and then connecting.


  1.  Right clicking on the FortiClient Security icon  at the bottom right, clicking Open FortiClient Console, clicking Remote Access, entering your username and password and then connecting. 

Instructions for Installing FortiClient  

  1. Visit NOT use Internet Explorer, as the page doesn't correctly load and doesn't present available options.  
  2. Login with your username and password. 

  1. Click the Download ForiClient dropbox, and select the appropriate operating system.   The instructions that continue below are for a Windows 10 installation.  

  1. Run the FortiClient Installer that was just downloaded.  After the setup completes, look for this icon  at the bottom right.  Right click on it and click on Open FortiClient Console.   
  1. Click Remote Access.  Enter your username and password and click Connect.  Once connected, you can close the window.

  1. To disconnect, right click on the tray icon  and click on Disconnect Barry U.


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